16 APRIL 1831, Page 13


The Company's Ship London, which has anived from China, sailed on the 18th December, in company with the Reliance, and parted from her on the 4th January, clear of the Straits. The Castle Huntly was to sail from Canton about the 25th December.

Arrived. At Gravesend, April 9th, Africa, Skelton, from Ceylon; 10th, Enchan- tress, Drew, from Bengal, and Kerswell, Armstrong, from Mauritius ; 11th, Eu- phrates, Buckham, from Bengal, and Oriental, Leader, from Bombay ; 12th, Ho- nourable Company's Ship Abercrombie Robinson, Innes, from China and the Cape ; 13th, Honourable Company's Ship London, Smith, from China ; 14th, Pero, Rutter, from Mauritius ; 15th, Annandale, Ferguson, from Bombay. otr Margate, April 14th, Arab, Ferrier, from Penang. Off the Wight, April 10th, Delaford, Clayton, and Skerue, Anderson, from Mauritius. At Plymouth, April 14th, Adrian Sadler, from Batavia. At Bristol, April 9th, Ada, Foster, from the Cape. At Liverpool, April 8th, Albian, 31"Leod, from Bengal ; 9th, Mail, Lindsay, from Bengal; 11th, Mersey, Sharp, from Mauritius. In the Clyde, April 8th, Elizabeth, Greig, from Bombay. At Marseilles, March 31, Childrens, Duracher, from Mauritius. At St. Helena, Feb. 15th, Margaret, Biddle, from Mauritius; 17th, Orynthia, Rixon, from Batavia ; 20th, Lord Hobart, M'Intesh, from London ; 22nd, A 1, Keen, from the Cape, and John Biggar, 111`13eath, from Manilla ; 23d, John NVoodall, Thompson, from Bengal. At the Cape, Jan. 18th, Colonel Young, Thomas, from Singapore ; 20th, Egyptian, Sanderson, from Mauritius. At Mauritius. Dec. 4th, Edward, Heaviside, from London. At Bombay, Dec. 10th, Caroline, Fewson, from London. At Bengal, Nov. 21st, Royal Saxon, Petrie, from London ; 28th, St. George, Wells, from Liverpool.

Sailed. From Gravesend, April 9th, Mount Stuart Elphinstone, Thompson, for Bengal. From Liverpool, April 12th, Caroline Augusta, Webb, for Batavia ; 1303, Edward Coltson, Reynolds, for Bengal.