16 APRIL 1831, Page 13


On the 6th inst. the Lord Bishop of Peterborough instituted the Rev. R. Vevers, B. D. to the Rectory of Kettering, in the county of Northampton, vacant by the resignation of the Hon. and Rev. H. Watson ; Patron, Lord Sondes.

The Rev. J. Flocktou, B.A. was on Sunday last instituted to the Rectory of Shern borne, in Norfolk, on the presentation of the Bishop of Ely.

The Rev. G. L. W. Fauquier, B.A. was last week instuted to the Rectory of Brad. field, Suffolk, on the presentation of Lord Suffield.

The Earl of Rothes has appointed the Rev. T. B. Murray, 31.A. of Pembroke College, one of his Lordship's chaplains. The Rev, Francis John Courtenay, B.A., tothe Rectory of North Bovey, void by the death of the Hon. and Rev. Wm. Annesley ; patrons, T. Smith and J. Pidsley, Esqrs. surviving Trustees of Viscount Courtenay. The Rev. C. J. C. Bulteel, B.A. of Balliol College, is presented to the Rectory of Holbeton, Devon, void by the death of the Rev. T. Mends; patron, the King.

The Rey. H. Matthie, B.A. of Pembroke College, is instituted to the Rectory Of, Wortbenbury, Flintshire; patron, Sir R. Puleston, Bart.

The Rev. H. Barton, M.A. of Christ Church, Rector of Upton Cressett, and Vicar of Condover, in the county of Salop, is presented to the Vicarage of Atcham, in the same county, vacant by the death of the Rev. H. Barton; patron, R. Burton, Esq. of Longner Hall, near Shrewsbury. The Rev. H. I). C. S. Horlock, B.A. of Afagdalen Hall, is instituted, by the Lord Bishop of Salisbury, to the Vicarage of Box, on his own presentation. The Rev. Dr. Stedman, of Pembroke College, is appointed Minister of Margaret's Chapel, Bath.