16 APRIL 1831, Page 12


STOCK E N CHANGE, Fa IDAY EVENIKG.—IVe have again to report a week of vitt- lent fluctuations in the value of Stock ; owing partly t, the changes which hare occurred in the Paris Stock Market, cud partly to the settlement of the April Ac- count, which was fixed for the 12th instant. Consols, which on Saturday lust closed at about 79, opened on Monday at 81, felt to 791, and fluctuated from thence to 801. until the close of Tuesday, the Account. day. The settlement of that day showed most clearly that the public had bought largely at the low prices ; and the scarcity of Stock for immediate delivery was so great in consequence, that I per cent. premium for the loan of it till the 25th May was very generally paid. Thus, on Tuesday afternoon, the price of Consols for money was 89i to 2, at the same moment that the price for the May Account was 791 Only. Since then, the price has gradually given way. It fell on Wednesday to 781; yesterday, after reaching 791. it fell to 781, and to-day, after being 791, it went down to 781, although closing rather higher, viz. 782. There have been heavy sales of Exchequer Bills to-day, which have lowered the price to 14s. premium, but the cause of sales is not known. It is understood, how- ever, that money is scarce out of doors.

In the Paris Market, there have been most extraordinary fluctuations. Last Saturday's news brought us the price of 3 per cents. 49f. 50c.; Monday's, 57f 50c.; • yesterday's, 54f.; and to-day's, 58f. It appears very clear that the Government w3,11 obtain no loan at these high prices. ,

In our Foreign Market, the price of Russian Bonds is a standing miracle. It is still from 88 to 89, in the very teeth of every thing that might be supposed an. favourable; and to-day even the reported capture of General Diebitsch and ls whole army affected it not a single fraction. But we have no faith in the perms. nency of such miracles. All the other Foreign Stocks and Shares remain at or near isst weeli'a prices hItt there liDe inn little er pg bustineas in say of thcip,

Bank Stock .... 1991 Buenos Ayres... - Spanish.. 161 .4