16 APRIL 1831, Page 13



APRIL 13.-This day being the first day of Easter Term, the following Gentle- men were admitted to degrees. Bachelor in Dirinity-Rev. J. Ball, Fellow of St. John's. Masters of Art-Rev. R. Grenside. University ; T. B. Saunders, Wad- ham ; Brisco Owen, scholar of Jesus ; C. Greswell and E. Blencowe, Fellows of Oriel. Bachelor of Art-C. J. Tottenham, Balliol. The nomination of Mr. Gar- belt, of Brazennose College, to the office of Public Examiner, in Literis Buniani- oritms, was approved in Convocation.

This day also a Convocation was held for the admission of Proctors for the ensuing year ; viz. the Rev. D. Veysie, ALA., Student and Senior Censor of Christ Church, as Senior Proctor ; and the Rev. It. H. White, M.A. Fellow of Magdalen College, as Junior Procter. Mr. Veysie was presented by the Very Rev. the Dean of Chr:st Church, and nominated for his Pro-Proctors the Rev. J. Williams and Rev. A. Short, Masters of Art of Christ Church. Mr. White was presented by Doctor Dattbeny, Vice-President of Magdalen, and nominated as his Pro-Proctors the Rev. J. Linton and F. J. Parsons, Masters of Art of Magdalen.


APRIL lb.-The following Gentlemen of Trinity College were yesterday elected Scholars of that Society :- West Botcher NGV.etivsti euriams Fowler

Ellis Chapman Morrison J. H. Brown Westm. Scholars. Dobson Hank inson C. J. F. Banbury Latina E. H. Bunbury

Hawtrey Lydekker Bales

Wrottesley Kempley

On Sunday, the 27th of March last, the Lord Bishop of Salisbury held an Ordina- tion is his Episcopal Palace, when the following gentlemen of this University were ordained :-Deacteis-F. '1'. J. Bayly, Pembroke College ; T. Maurice, BA. Merton College.-Priest--H. D. C. S. Horlock, B.A. hiagdalen Hall.

At an Ordination held by the Lord Bishop of Chester, in Clapham Church, Sorry, on Sunday last, W. Worsley, B.A. of Magdalen Hall, was admitted to Holy Orders,