16 APRIL 1831, Page 14



BERREY and Co. Nottingham, lace-manufacturers—T. and H. P. BURT, Devizes, Wiltshire, ironmongers—Bows RS, St. Leonard's, and ROWE, Burton. Sussex, plea- terers—BoLER and BODDEY, Leeds, cabinet-makers—Iz on and EVANS, Stratford- upon-Avon, lead-merchants—FILLER and HARDLEY. Strand, wine-merchants-- PALMER, Great Suffolk Street, and BEAVIS, Baden Place, Crosby Row, Southwark, general dealers in Scotch ale — WoLLAsToN and PERRIN, Marylebone, wine- xnerchants—Woon and RACKIIAM, Long Acre, coach-builders—HAR ars om and ALL war GUT, Bath, carvers—F • ter and Co. Bristol, soap-manufacturers; as far as regards D. Far PP—BALL and WHITEHEAD, Clement's Court, Milk Street, agents— FOIL BES and Co. Glasgow—Woon and STEEL, Shelton, engravers—S. and J. BICKERTON, Ostvestry, Shropshire, druggists—LA/NO and YotTlIGHITSBAND, South Shields, ship.brokers—CHAemAN and SOUTHERNE, Leeds, merchants- PAoz and BLACKMORE, Liverpool, corn-commission-agents—J., R., and H. AR. OWS 51ITH, Manchester, merchants—P. and H. C. KE at PSON, Birmingham, millers s—G. and E. DAVIS, Leeds, opticians—JOHNSTONE and HUNTER, Chelmsford, tea-dealers—HELLYER and COLEMAN, Ryde, Isle of Wight, coal-merchants- WHITELEY and WRAY, Heightown and Alirfield, Yorkshire, painters—Goss and FOWLER, Bristol, haberdashers—HownEN and Co. Savage Gardens, wine Tiler- chanta—DAws om and TURNER, London Wall, dealers in drysaltery—WARnAm and PERKIN, Potter Newton, Yorkshire, stone-merchants—CAuDLE and DRAKE, Brighthelmstone, chemists.


CLOSE, WILLIAM, Goswell Street, apothecary, April 11.


LAPAGE, FREDERICK, Liverpool, and LAPAGE, Jol' ts/ Leeds, merchants, to sur- render May 2, 3, 24: solicitors, Mr. Chester, Staple Inn ; and Mr. Davenport, Lord Street; Liverpool. Mut ft, WALTER, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, draper, April 19, May 6,24: solicitors, Mr. Dunn, Raymond's Buildings, Gray's Inn; and Mr. Wilson, Newcastle-upon- Tyne. Pow E LL, REES, Llangammarch, Breconshire, cattle-dealer, April 26, 27, May 24: Solicitors, Messrs. Bicknell and Co. New Square, Lincoln's Inn; and Messrs. Vaughan and Bevan, Brecon. READ, JoHN COLTMAN, Leicester, tailor, April 19, 20, May 24; solicitors, Mr. Toiler, Gray's Inn Square ; and Mr. Toiler, Leicester. SHACKLES, JOHN GILDER, Kingston-upon-Hull, linen-draper, April 20, 21, May 24: solicitors, Mr. Alderson, Chancery Lane ; and Mr. Johnson, Hull. SMITH, DANIEL, Okeover, Staffordshire, and Salim, JOHN Br NGLE Y, Liverpool, Cotton-spinners, April 21, 22, May 24: solicitors, Mr. Barbor, Fetter Lane ; and Johnson and Co. Ashborne, Derbyshire.


April 22, Alger, Eton, Buckinghamshire, miller—May 10, Lauriere, St. James's Street, goldsmith—May 3, Stevens, Deverell Street, Warner Street, Great Dover Road, builder—May 3, Wardle and Wink, Bath, silk-mercers—May 3, Jefferson, Pickering, Yorkshire' haberdasher—May 3, Kerr and Little, Ipswich, tea-dealers—. May 3, H. D. and H. King, Falcon Street, wine-merchants—May 3, Williams, Nor- wich, tea.dealer—May 10, Burbery and Wigley, Coventry, riband-manufacturers- hiay 3, Emmerson, Coleman Street, packer—May 3, Mines, Sackville Street, Picca- dilly, tailor—May 3, Brown, Maldon, Essex, merchant—May 14, Brown, Bristol, druggist—May 14, 'Waller, Bristol, timber-merchant—May 3, Harling, Chorley, Lan- cashire, grocer—May 5, E. and R. Lurnsdon, Monk wearmouth.Shore, Durham, chain-manufacturers—May 7, W., R., and C. Chadwick, Mumps-within-Oldham, Lancashire, machine-makers--May 7, Travis and Stopford, Audenshaw, Lancashire, latt-manufacturers—May 10, Hudson, Birmingham, victualler.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before May 3. Grant, Gosport, silversmith—Ball. Lichfield Street, Westminster, dealer in fish —Bray, Liverpool Street, New Road, St. Pancras, dealer—Storry. York, dealer— Williams, Manchester, merchant—Landray, Lyme-Regis, Dorsetshire, printer.


CUMMING, JOHN BARR, Greenock, merchant, Apri116, 30.

Friday, April 15.


FISHER and WEETON, Chorley, Lancashire, attornies—Ftms ON and HAMMER, Dow Church Yard, carpet-warehousemen—BARR and BARKER, Stokesley, York- shire, grocers—ALLEN and HARDING, attornies—HoLna oomE and JOHNS, Man- chester, fustian-manufacturers—CAwswELL and FILLINGBAM. Belton, Lincoln- shire, millers--Rostms oN and SON, Lane, Yorkshire, dyers—G. and J. BAKER, Lower Phillimore Place, Kensington, grocers—CHILD and TAYLOR, Old Windsor, bone-dealers—BosTocx and Sow, Radford, Nottinghamshire, bleachers—Pococr, Dartford, and Dustarst, Bromley, printers—BURTON and STEPHEN, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, furnishing ironmongers—HARDY and ANDREW, Stockport, cotton-spinners—J. and J. STENNETT, Swaton, Lincolnshire, farmers—PRICE, EON, and SMITH, King Street, West Smithfield, coffin-furniture-manufacturers.


BLITCHELL, GEORGE, jun. Brighton, broker.


GERRISH, WILLIAM, Bristol, dealer, to surrender April 29,30, May27: solicitors, Messrs. Stevens and Flower, Gray's Inn Square ; and Mr. Perkins, Bristol. GUNNELL, RICHARD GRAY, and SHEARMAN, WILLIAM, Salisbury Square, Fleet Street, printers, May 3, 10, 27: solicitor, Mr. Bull, Ely Place, Holborn. HALSON, Au GIISTITS, Bridgewater Square, merchant, April 19, 29, May 27: soli- cltor, Mr. Peachey, Salisbury Square. h10FFETT, WILLIAM, Great Bell Alley, Coleman Street, baker, April 19, 29, May 27: solicitors, Messrs. J. and T. Gole, Lothbury. llooRE, THOMAS, AllbrIghton, Shropshire, butcher, May 5, 6, 27: solicitors, Zressrs. Heming and Baxter, Lincoln's Inn Fields ; and Mr. Stanley, Newport. SAXBY, THOMAS. Loughborough, lace-manufacturer, April 21, 23, May 27: so- licitors, Messrs. Norris and Co. John Street, Bedford Row ; and Mr. Fosbrooke, Loughborough. TUCKER., CHARLES, Bartlett's Buildings, bronzist. April 22, May 3, 27 : solicitors, Messrs. Sylvester and Walker, Furnivars Inn, Holborn. 1,VELLnos, ELIZABETH, Cambridge, butcher, April 26, 27, May 27 ; solicitors, Mr. Gunning, Cambridge ; and Mr. Flower, Austin Friars.


Nay 10, Holmes and Edwards, Derby, booksellers—May 6. Baglehole and Red- grave, Mark Lane, merchants—May 9, Phillips and Gray, Platt Terrace, Somers Town, and Duke Row, New Road, plasterers—May 6, C. and J. Osborne, St. James's Street, tailors—May 6, Pettit, Golden Square, carpenter—May 6, Marshall, Norwich, silk-merchant—Hay 6, Triphook, Golden Square, bookseller—May 6. Buckley and Nunn' Manchester, Ashton-under-Line, Old Change, Cheapside, and Aldersgate Street, gingham-manufacturers—May 6, Bell, Billiter Street, wine-merchant—May 6, Drake, Southgate, Middlesex, victualler—May 6, Mumford, Stanstead Street, Essex, corn-dealer—May 10, Buttery and Wigley. Coventry, riband.manufacturers- Ellay 12, Marsh and Co. Berners Street, bankers—May 13, Cocher and Co. Cheapside, lacemen—April 29, Cooper, Prince's Street, Lambeth, distiller—May 6, Packtnan, 3..udgate Hill, tavern-keeper—May 6, Bonney, Cooper's Row, Tower Hill, wine-mer- chant—May 6, Ogilvy, Fleece Yard, Tothill Street, Westminster, and Barge Yard, 33ucklersbury, cabriolet-proprietor—May 6, Wood, Birchin Lane, merchant—May 9, Hacker, Canterbury, builder—May 4, Pocock, Huntingdon, builder—Nay 9, Buchanan, Stowmarket, Suffolk, maltsten.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before May 6.

'Hodgson, jun. Bradford Moor, Yorkshire, woolstapler—Lock, Lower Thames Street, Customhouse Agent—Wyatt, Acton Hill, Staffordshire, farmer—Rogers, linightsbridge, victualler—Clarkson, Kingston-upon-Hull, general agent — Lane, Rochdale, Lancashire, woollen-manufacturers — Farrell, Liverpool, flour-dealer-- Russell, Brownlow Street, Drury Lane, coach-smith.


CSAMENRS, DANIEL TEORNTEIVAITE,, Glasgow, hat-manufacturer, April 16, Rap 3,