16 APRIL 1831, Page 20

We cannot too much approve the practice. which we believe

Mr. MURRAY was the first to adopt, of republishing the expensive and well-established modern works in a cheap form. There might be some risk of loss in the speculation, and there was doubtless an immediate sacrifice. In the instance before us, Mr. MURR A.Y has republished the expensive quartos of Dartnast and CLAPPERTON'S Travels to discover the Interior of Africa, in a small and beautiful form, which may be had at an extremely moderate rate : and yet the advantages and ornaments of the large editions are all pre- served, and to our minds heightened, by the portableness of the size. After the voyages of Captain Coon and a very few similarly excellent works' the narrative of DENFIAM and CLAPPERTON iS to be placed as a book of especial delight to the inquiring mind. It is full of most curious anecdotes of a very singular state of civiliza- tion, and moreover very interesting, by the character of its heroes and the agreeableness of their style.