16 APRIL 1831, Page 8


MONDAY, APRIL LS. rotices of Motion-1. Sir A. Agnew—To move an Instruction to the Committee on the Reform of Parliament (England) Bill, that the Committee do consider the expediency of throwing the smaller English Boroughs into Districts and of assigning one or more Members to each District, as in the Districts of Burghs in Scotland, and as in the places sharing in the Election of Burgesses in Wales: and that no Borough whatever should be totally disfranchised. 2. General Gascoynm- To move a Resolution. That it is the opinion of this House, that the total number of Knights, Minns, and Burgesses, returned to Parliament for that part of the United Kingdom called England and Wales ought not to be diminished. 3. General Gascoyne—Instructions authorizing the Committee on the Reform of Parliament Bill, that they have power to insert a Clause, authorizing any city, town, or borough having a population of not less than 150,000 resident inhabitants, and a constituency of not less than 12,000 voters, to send four Representatives to the Reformed Parliament. 4. Mr. Hodgson (of Newcastle)—In Committee on Reform of Parliament (England) Bill to move, That every person who shall hereafter he ad- mitted to the Freedom of any Corporation (being entitled thereto by birth or servi- tude), in virtue of which admission he would, by the laws and customs now in force, be entitled to vote at the Election of Members of Parliament, for any city or Borough, shall exercise such aright, being first duly registered : provided every such person shall have resided for six months previous to the time of registration, within seven miles of the usual place of registration within such City or Borough. 5. Mr. Sibtliorpe—To move, in Committee on Reform of Parliament (England) Bill, that tenants at will to the amount of 301. shall be entitled to vote in County Elec- tions. TM, frtSDAY. Mr. Benett—Resolutions respecting the corrupt state of the Repre. selection of the Borough of Liverpool. Fit I DA V. Mr. Warburton—Resolution, That it is expedient that at all Elections for Members to serve in Parliament the Votes be taken by way of Ballot.