16 APRIL 1831, Page 9

Belgium is still in nearly the same state as it

was ; though there is a prospect of its getting into a train towards settlement, if the report of a new protocol, by which Luxemburg is finally conveyed to the King of Holland and Limburg to Belgium, be correct. The deputation of the Congress that visited Paris with the offer of the crown for the Duke. of NEDIOURS, were, it is said, strongly pressed by Louis PHILIPPE to take one of the Queen's nephews —a prince of Naples—for their ruler ; in which case, if the par- ties were agreed, the King said he would willingly confer on him the hand of his cousin the Princess MARY of Orleans. Per- haps this would be as prudent, and certainly as unobnoxious a choice, as the Belgians could make. The fortresses on the frontier are, it is said, to be rased by directions of the allies. These are the erections which fifteen years ago were to effect such mighty things for the repression of French ambition, and for the unity of the tconjoined kingdom of Holland and the Netherlands, and on which such vast sums were lavished by England in that expectation. Letters from the frontiers of Servia, dated March 17th, speak of a formidable insurrection having broken out in Albania, Bosnia, and Macedonia, at the head of which is the Pacha of Scutari, who threatens, and it is said there is no force to prevent him, to march on Constantinople.