16 APRIL 1831, Page 9

Loan Ror.r.E.—This aged nobleman (the Squire Rolle of Pindar) ap-

peared in his place in the House of Lords on Wednesday, to present a petition from Exeter against the Reform Bill. He was cordially wel- comed by the Duke of Cumberland.

TENLERS.—The Governor of one of our African settlements, not long ago, had some fifty or sixty tons of stores, and various matters, to send out ; and he applied to the Admiralty (the old Admiralty) to get them conveyed, stating, at the same time, that he knew a party who had vessels going out, and who would willingly take charge of them. " We do every thin by tender," was the answer. So:ne days after, the. Governor called back, to inquire if the tender had been procured ; and was told it had. He asked the terms ; arid after pretty considerable he- sitation, was told 01. the ton. " Nine pounds the ton !" exclaimed the astonished Governor—" why, Sir, your tender friend is a downright cheat. I am sure the person to whom I alluded, when I was last here, would not charge half that sum. In fact I'll take my chance for the half of it, and get the goods conveyed out myself." The pinmp assertion seemed to stagger the official ; and as the case was a strong one, the Governor was requested to get a " tender" from his friend also. He did so, and the freight charged was 1/. 19s. per ton ! This is indeed a trifling case—the overcharge on fifty tons was but a paltry 352/. 10s. ; but was this the only attempt at overcharge under the old regime? It is said that some one in the Admiralty— we have heard the person obscurely hinted at—contrived to pocket a pretty snug per centage off these "tenders." The case to which we allude has, we believe, among others, attracted the notice of Sir James Graham. Sir James said the other day, he could only charge misappropriation against his predecessors, not misapplication ; how long he may be enabled to abide by that asser- tion, we cannot tell, but if there had not been misapplication winked at and profited by, or meant to be profited by, We do not believe that misap. propriation would ever have been attempted.