16 APRIL 1831, Page 9

The Italian insurrection is at an end for the present

; the ancient regime is everywhere reestablished ; the insurgents who were to defend Ancona, have 'melted away as their brethren farther north, did. The Austrians have marched, not fought. The French Oppo- sition Journals have published some cutting and witty remarks on SEBASTIANI*S negotiations • but is pretty evident, that the conduct of the insurgents has been too pusillanimous, or their re- sources too insignificant, to make the desertion of their cause a ground of serious inculpation. The Duke of MODENA'S first. act, on his restoration, was to seize on all the property of his Jewish subjects, and then to fine them—it would have been a more prac- ticable mode of punishment, to fine them first.