16 AUGUST 1935, Page 15

Lighthouse Lure The lighthouses in many parts, especially in my

experience the lighthouse on Strumble Head, are very fatal to migrant birds. The losses are due to two causes. Either the birds (especially the shearwater) try to skim over the light, and owing.to its brightness do not see the solid obstruction above it, or they fly towards the light, hit the glass and fall half or wholly stunned. Now the perches set up—most beneficently

the R.S.P.B. are generally arranged at a downward slope, doubtless with the idea, of giving the maximum of perching space. What actually happens is that the birds fall on the slope and slip to the depths below. If these perches were fixed horizontally this final disaster would be prevented. The birds would fall back on a firm support, and a good many at any rate would recover and be able to continue their journey. I believe that Mr. Loeldey and the R.S.P.B. have discussed this matter of the comparative failure of the sloping perches. .