16 AUGUST 1935, Page 31


Further evidence of continued activity and prosperity in the matter of retail trades is afforded by the dividends just 'announced by three big stores. -.In the case of Harrods the interim dividend on the Ordinary Stock of 5 per cent actual, less tax, is maintained, this distributicin- being at the usual interim • rate of 10 per cent. .per annum for the half-year to July 31st. It may be remembered, however, that last year the distribution on the Ordinary capital was finally brought up to 16 per cent. by the payment in March of 11 per cent., 'which Was 1 per cent. above the level of the previous year. The £1 Ordinary Stock units of Harrods stand at about 83s. 6d. so that at the present price the yield to the investor is about £3 17s. per cent.