16 AUGUST 1935, Page 6

Mr. Lloyd George's news value never dwindles. This week his

New Deal is in the headlines again. On Sunday the world was set agog by tales of a SECRET LUNCHEON THIS WEEK, Which various signatories to the book The Next Fire Years would attend. In the article so headed, it is true, " secret " had become merely " private," and in the event it turned out not to bo a luncheon but a tea-, party. It was not secret—since the place (Churt), the time (Monday afternoon) and the participants (Lord Allen, Sir Walter Layton and Mr. Harold Macmillan), were all announced, and it was " private " only in that, like most such simple repasts, it was held neither in a public hall nor a public square. But there is some sig- nificance in the fact that the first of the talks between the author of the " New Deal " and some of the " Next Five Years group (there was another talk on Wednesday evening) took place at Churt. It suggests that the initia- tive came from Mr. Lloyd George, who is seeking support, direct and indirect, for his New Deal campaign wherever it may be found. The more his gospel and the " Next Five Years " gospel can be co-ordinated (shall we say gleichgeschaltet ?) the more likely they are to make head way. But anything like a merging of the two 'organiza. tions, if the Five Years Group evolves an organization, is out of the question. Mr. Lloyd George's speech to the Trade Union Club on Wednesday, with its onslaught on the National Government, and its reference to " my party, makes that impossible.