16 DECEMBER 1932, Page 18

The Radio Review

Ma. C. WHITAKER-WILSON, author of the recent broadcast- play, Sir Christopher Wren, has written a play on the subject of Mozart. It is to be broadcast next week. Plays and novels about famous composers are apt to be extremely tiresome, and Mr. Whitaker-Wilson will have to be " very stern with himself if he is going to avoid the Obvious pitfalls of his present theme. (I see that, on his own confession, he considers Mozart to have been half a fairy "-which is not exactly auspicious.) Romanticized lives of great men are deservedly out of fashion, and it is to be hoped that

Mozart " will not trot out all the usual flununery about infant prodigies and paupers' graves. By a happy coincidence the " Foundations of Music " for the week consist of Mozart's Quintets ; and it would be the best possible praise of Mr. Whitaker-Wilson's play if one could say it had illuminated that lovely music. Haydn, Gluck, and Beethoven are among the characters represented in the play. Beethoven is to improvize before the microphone. It all sounds very ambitious.