16 FEBRUARY 1856, Page 20


Readers who take an interest in the German phase of art development may add something to their knowledge of it if they gain access to the studio of Herr Gotzenberg, a pupil, as we understand, of Cornelius, at present resident in Berners Street. The employment of this artist on considerable series of frescoes in Bonn and Baden bears witness to the estimation in which he is held in his own country ; and the cartoons of these works to be seen in the studio will show the Englishman what standing he occupies among the creditable disciples of a school to which the most adverse cannot deny the virtues of thought and study. The chief cartoon represents, in ideal reunion, after the fashion of Delaroche's Hemicycle at Paris, saints and great churchmen, and includes several earnestly elaborated heads. In England, Herr Gotzenberg, doing as the English do, not without scorn doubtless from German high art, has painted some subjects of a very different class,-interiors from Oxford, Leicester, and other places. In these works, his tone of colour assimilates to our own ; and he exhibits in a high degree the qualities which go to the painting of a good interior,-truthful and pleasant light and shade, figures introduced with natural appropriateness, and portraitlike truth of ren- dering.