16 FEBRUARY 1895, Page 14


[TO THE EDITOR OP THE "SrsoTAToz."] SIR,—I knew a dog in Ireland—a large retriever—who had been taught always to bring his own tin dish in his month, to be filled at the late dinner. For some reason his master- wished to make a change, and to feed him twice a day instead of once, to which he had always been accustomed. The dog resented this, and when told to bring his dish, refused, and it could nowhere be found ; on which his master spoke angrily to- him, and ordered him to bring the dish at once. With droop- ing tail and sheepish expression, he went down the length of the garden, and began scratching up the soil where he had buried the bowl deep down, to avoid having to bring it at an. hour of which he did not approve.—I am, Sir, Fix., A LOVER OF Dona: