16 FEBRUARY 1895, Page 24

Church Work : its Means and Methods. By the Right

Rev. J. Moorhens°, Bishop of Manchester. (Macmillan and Co.)—The Bishop of Manchester here discusses a number of questions that have a great practical interest both for clergy and laity. They are full of practical wisdom. The writer—we must remember that the substance of the chapters was first delivered in addresses to the clergy—deals both with work and the principles which underlie work. We may take as an instance the third chapter, entitled "The World." The word suggests a number of most difficult questions. The mere number of various meanings which it bears proves that. The Bishop has many helpful things to say about it. Among other 'subjects treated upon are "Early Com- munion," "The Lord's Day," "The Sunday School," "Institutes in Villages." Sometimes we travel into political economy, as where we find an essay on "A Living Wage." Wherever we go, we have a wise and sympathetic guide.