16 FEBRUARY 1934, Page 16

Famous Oaks - Some years ago I called attention to

a charming instance of continuity and tradition in English county annals : Sir

George Courthope was repairing Westminster Hall with oak from the same wood that had supplied the original -timber 600 years earlier. The facts are, I see, recorded in the latest edition of The Tree Lover, the modest is. quarterly published by Alexander Moring, 2 Cork Street, W.1. Sir George Court- hope, who is perhaps our best exponent of the way to use English timber, writes on its value, and the editor has drawn portraits of two of the Whiligh oaks, one already big and old when Westminster Hall was built, and now famously gnarled and antique, the other straight and limber, with a clean 40-foot trunk. The editor has as peculiar a talent for expressing the personality of trees as Sir George Courthope for discovering their utility.