16 FEBRUARY 1934, Page 34

Financial Notes


Ammuen a strong undercurrent of optimism is noticeable throughout the stock markets, business during the past week was to a.certain.extent restrained by a recognition of t he many external influences tending to obscure the outlook. The political crisis in France 'arid the aerions political disturo- anecs in Austria are events which markets find it impossible

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Financial Notes (Continued from page 254.) to ignore. And although in some respects conditions in the United States are clearing a little and the European exchanges are approximating a little more closely to the new dollar parity, the drift of something like £45,000,000 in gold from Europe to a country which is already over-stocked with the

i metal s a somewhat disquieting event. Moreover, while President Roosevelt's attempts to eradicate improper gam- bling operations or any kind of graft in the matter of Govern- ment expenditure are wholly to be commended, it is probable that these reforms will have a disturbing influence for a time upon business activities.