16 FEBRUARY 1945, Page 13


Sm,—" Paterfamilias " appears to suffer from what is an understandable misapprehension to those unaware of the details of the proposed new Burnham scales. Headmasters and headmistresses are certainly few in number, but they will not be the highest paid members of school staffs. The responsibility of the head is assessed at two years' increments, i.e., £30 ; that of an assistant holding a post of special responsibility at from £50 to Ltoo. Normally schools will be able to promote to headships only those teachers holding posts of special responsibility who are pre- pared to sacrifice their incomes.

Mr. Butler would not allow the House itself to introduce a revolutionary idea into the Act that work done should be remunerated without regard to the sex of the worker. Is he prepared to defend in the House this similarly revolutionary idea of the majority of the Burnham Committee that the head should be paid less than those who are responsible to him