16 FEBRUARY 1945, Page 13


Sta,—Having read.in a dozen periodicals, high and low, this week anent the, war that "anything may happen at any moment " it was with relief that I turned from such bathos and opened The Spectator. I was com- pelled to, doubt the optical evidence, to mistrust my ocular organs, to discredit my vision—in fact "I could not believe my eyes " when I read, in the first paragraph of " A Spectator's Notebook," anent the war, that "Anything may happen at any moment." What does this mean, Sir? What does " anything" mean? Of course anything may happen at any moment about anything anywhere. It is all nonsense to use such a phrase. It is the worst kind of cliché, an upstart parvenu amongst the venerable and hoary old clichés which " Janus " so condemns on the