16 FEBRUARY 1945, Page 13


SIR,—Mr. Hammersley's letter is refuted by facts. He says there are "over half a million Jews in Palestine " ; that "it is possible to say that the problem of Jewish homelessness can be solved in Palestine " ; and that "Palestine alone can provide a solution." But there are between sixteen and seventeen million Jews in the world. How does the fact that into a country the size of Wales half a million have been forced (against the will of the inhabitants) show that here is the solution of the problem of Jewish homelessness? If I may paraphrase Mr. Ham- mersley's words, I submit that "one does not need to be anti-Jew to appreciate that Palestine cannot provide a solution to the Jewish problem."

I add that the attempt to force the Jews upon the Arabs in Palestine is creating a problem for us in the Middle East all the more dangerous that it is based upon a real and terrible injustice which neither Britain nor the League of Nations can convert into righteousness. I do not believe it will be persisted in.—Yours faithfully, MAUDE ROYDEN SHAW.