16 FEBRUARY 1945, Page 14


SIR,—We have here four acres of land. We have always tried, and more especially since the outbreak of war, to make it produce as much as possible. Here are our figures of stock kept and produce raised in 1944. They may interest your readers.

Stock kept : 2 mulch goats, a pig, 2o-8o rabbits, 3o-6o fowls, 4-15 geese, 3-8 ducks, 6 stocks of bees.

Produce raised : Three households supplied with vegetables of all kinds other than potatoes, garden produce sold to the value of £14, herbs, medicinal and culinary sold, L30, I kid, 25o gallons milk, t pig's carcass (12 stone), 120 rabbits, 3 dozen pelts, 2o table fowls, 3,25o eggs, 2 geese, 12 goslings, 43 goose eggs, 5 table ducks, 105 lbs. honey.

The livestock have had the rations to which they are entitled by regulation, some bought-potatoes and some town waste. Otherwise they have been fed off the estate. In other years we have raised consider- able quantities of fruit, but May frosts killed it all last season.—Yours