16 FEBRUARY 1945, Page 2

Germans in Argentina

Speaking at the World Trade Union Conference last Saturday, Mr. V. L. Toledano, of the Latin-American Confederation of Labour, sounded a vehement warning about the continuance of Fascism in Spain, Portugal and Argentina. He insisted that Argentina was busily engaged in the manufacture of heavy weapons, and that Ger- man money and German technicians were active there. The sug- gestion is that it will not be enough to remove or destroy all German military equipment (as agreed by the Big Three) and control all German industry that could be used for military pro- duction, and promote democratic governments in liberated coun- tries, if Germans are allowed to continue their war-like activities in an anti-democratic Argentina. The point is one that cannot be neglected. It is no part of the business of the United Nations to interfere in the internal affairs of foreign countries ; but, on the other hand, the future World Organisation will have to have plans for dealing with countries which threaten aggression before it matures into actual aggression. The possibility that such inter- vention might be necessary in the case of Germany was foreseen in the Franco-Soviet treaty ; and a World Organisation will have to arm itself with powers to deal with any country which makes pre- parations, under German or any other influence, constituting a threat to peace.