16 FEBRUARY 1945, Page 22

Dictionary of World Literature. Edited by Joseph T Shipley (Routledge.

35s.) THIS scholarly compilation comes from the U.S.A. and seems to be something of a pioneer work. It is described as a dictionary of world literature, but it is rather a dictionary of the terms used in literary criticism, including criticism of all the arts. But in the process of defining all the terms used in criticism it quotes so com- prehensively from world literature, occidental and oriental, that its title is justified. Indeed, this is a most useful reference book in which the reader can find explanations, amply illustrated by quota- tion from critical writings (American and European) of the terms in specialist use, such as semantics, surrealism, dadaism, symbolism, as well as the older, traditional expressions, and also informative articles on the different critical and national schools of aesthetical writings from Aristotle to the present day.