16 JANUARY 1864, Page 21

the Westminster Review. January, 1864. (Trubner and Co.).—A decidedly heavy

number. "The Tunnel under Mount Cenis," the "Depreciation of Gold," the " Inspired Writings of Hinduism," and Russia," are subjects which promise very little anataement, and keep the promise. A paper on astrology and magic, which is a review of Mr. Maury's book, now three years old, is disappointing. There are, however, two average biographical notices of Roger Bacon and Blake the painter, an amusing review of "Political Parties," which concludes that Lord Palmerston is the only living statesman who can govern the country, and that he does it very badly, and a paper on the "Physiology of Sleep," giving the result of some most interesting experiments made by Mr. Durham, of Guy's Hospital. This gentleman " chloroformed " a dog and then cut away a piece of the bone of the skull about the size of a shilling and the subjacent dura nutter. Ho then replaced the bone by " accurately fitting watch-glasses, and rendered the junction of their edges air-tight by means of inspissated Canada balsam." He could then observe the changes in the brain produced by sleep through these windows. For the results we must refer the anti-vivisectionists to the "Westminster ;" which, however, will do well to lighten its budget, if it means to retain its reputation.