16 JANUARY 1864, Page 2

The Duke of Argyle made a very good speech against

Bibliolatry, at Glasgow, on Monday last, at the meeting of the National Bible Society of Scotland. " I conceive it wholly unjustifiable," he said, "to claim on behalf of the early Church any supernatural and inspired power in reference to the collection of those writings called Holy Writ." Any one who knows anything about the discussions concerning the Canon, and the mistakes which were pretty certainly made in drawing it up, will agree with the Duke, who alight have gone further, and said that no single author in the Bible, as author, excepting only the prophets who wrote down their own prophecies,

ever made any claim to such inspiration. Luke writes a business dedication of the Acts of the Apostles to Theophilus about the " former treatise "which he had drawn up, and evidently had no no- tion at all that he was less liable to error, after doing his best to ascertain the facts, than any other editor. The Duke of Argyle has done good service in recommending the study of the Bible itself as the truest remedy for Bibliolatiy.