16 JANUARY 1864, Page 3

The precise relationship of the German Powers to the Schleswig-

Holstein dispute was tested by a vote on the removal of the Duke of Augustenburg from Holstein. The voted for it Austria, Prussia, Hanover, Luxemburg, and the group of princelings called the Curia, who have all together one vote. Against it were-1. Bavaria ; 2. Saxony ; 8. Wurtemburg ; 4. Baden ; 5. Hesse- Cassel ; 6. Hesse-Darmstadt ; 7. Saxe-Weimar ; 8. Saxe-Coburg, Saxe-Meiningen, and Saxe-Altenburg ; 9. Brunswick and Nassau ; 10. Oldenburg, Anhalt, and Schwartzburg ; 11. the Free Cities. This may be considered a test-vote whenever the matter comes to serious decision; but on minor points the States combine, divide, and re-combine in a most perplexing style, even appearing, accord- ing to the telegrams, to have protested against their own votes.