16 JULY 1859, Page 10

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Tha fine weather has prolonged the summer trade beyond its usual limits, and a far better season has been experienced by the dealers in textile fabrics than was expected at the early part of it. The demand for articles in " mauve " colour, which in the middle of the season set in, giving an additional fillip to trade, and shawls, dresses, ribbons, &c., of this colour have been greatly in demand by the million.

The wholesale houses in the ribbon trade have experienced a good deal of trouble in getting rid of their stocks of fancy goods, which have been very hard to move, the public taste having been displayed in favour of the plainer description, such as Orientals, &c. Without doubt, unless some special kind of novelty attracts attention, the plain styles will be in request throughout the autumn season. In the trimming trade for ladies' dresses, the same uncertainty of demand that has prevailed for some time past still continues ; and manufacturers in this special branch of trade scarcely know what to turn their attention to. The trimming weavers of Spitalfields are mostly without employment, while in Coventry a considerable falling off in this branch of manufacture has been experienced, the demand for silk fringes being very small. Silk has been rising in price, while report speaks favourably of some that has arrived from Japan.