16 JULY 1859, Page 19


A new work entitled "A Life for a Life," by the Author of "John Halifa x, Gentleman," is announced for immediate publication by Messrs. Hurst and Blackett. The same publishers also include in their list of works in the press, " Realities of Paris Life," by the Author of " Flem- ish Interiors," &c. "Female Influence," by Lady Charlotte Pepys "The Life and Times of George Tillers, first Duke of Buckingham," by Mrs. Thomson. "Raised to the Peerage," by Mrs. Octavius Owen. "Almost a Heroine," by the Author of "Charles Auchester," and new novels by Wilkie Collins, John E. Reade, Mrs. S. C. Hall, Mrs. Howitt, and the author of "Margaret and her Bridesmaids," &e.

A work which is expected to take its place among the sources of French history, is publishing at this moment by Michel Levy freres. Under the title " Le Parlement de Paris," M. Charles Desmaze, a magistrate of long standing, has collected all the documentary evidence relating to the administration of justice in France from the earliest times down to the period of the Revolution. The author, who is chef de divi- sion in the French Ministry of the Interior, has drawn largely from secret archives which, it is said, have never before been used.

The Belgian Royal Historical Society has issued another of its annual volumes, containing the Memoirs of Pasquier de La Barre, Procureur- General at Tournai, who was decapitated during the wars of the Re- formation, by order of the Duke of Alba. These Memoirs are among the most important contributions to the history of the great religious struggle of the sixteenth century.

George Sand is going to continue the series of personal revelations begun in her "Elle et Lui," and replied to by the brother of the late A. de Musset in " Lui et Elle." The lady's rejoinder, under the simple title of " Lui," is to appear towards the end of next week.

A curious little volume, entitled "Histoire Aneedotique et Critique de la Presse Parisienne," has lately appeared. The author is M. Firmin Maillard.

Even suicides have now found their historian in M. F. Dabadie, who has published a work on "Les Suicides Illustres."

A new novel by M. Ernest Serra, entitled " Cle,mence Oge, Histoire d'une Maltresse de Chant," is at present making some sensation at Paris.

A new work by Alphonse de Lamartine has this week left the press. It is in two volumes octavo, and entitled "The History of Alexander the Great. After Greek Documents."

One of the most popular preachers of Paris, the Abbe Freppel, ha published an historical work of some importance, called "The Apostolic Fathers and their Epoch." The book advocates with great eloquence the liberal ideas of the modern Galilean Church.

The already rich collection of French Memoirs has received a new addition in the first volume of the "Memoires de l'Abbe Legendre," which appeared a few days ago. The Abbe was private and con- fidential secretary of M. de Harley, the famous Archbishop of Paris during the reign of Louis XIV., and in the Memoirs now published he gives much curious information about the political and social troubles of the time.

An Italian contribution to the history of the Franco-Austrian War has been published at Florence by Signor Eugenio Albert, under the title, " Tuscany during the War of Independence of 1859."