16 JULY 1859, Page 20


Le Philinte de MoltWe, by which the unfortunate Dantonist Febre d'Eglantine attempted to recover the moral of The Misanthrope, has lately been played at the Theatre Francais for the first time since 1836, the characters being sustained by MM. Geffroy, Leroux, Prevost, Mau- baut, Barre, and Mademoiselle Judith. A slight discrepancy in the cos- tume, which has caused Philinte to be dressed in the fashion of Louis XVI., while the reign of Louis XIV. is indicated by the outer man of Alceste, has been traced to an accuracy in spirit. Aleeste belonged to the seventeenth century, Philinte, as depicted by D'Eglantine, to the latter part of the eighteenth. Their minds regulate their wigs. The hot weather has had a losing effect on the receipts at the places of public amusement during the last month, but nevertheless they are higher than they were in June 1858.