16 JULY 1859, Page 6

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The Queen left Buckingham Palace for Osborne on the 8th of July. On her way she stopped at the Pavilion, Aldershot. Her Majesty was accompanied by the Prince Consort, the Prince of Wales, the Princess Alice, and the younger children. In the camp she reviewed the Aldershot division of Infantry, and the fine division of Cavalry and Artillery. The Queen remained in the camp all day on Sunday, and attended divine service in the military chapel. During her stay she entertained General Knollys, the staff, and the commanders of battalions and regiments. In the evening of Monday Her Majesty continued her journey to Osborne, whither she arrived a little after seven o'clock.

The Queen and Prince Consort embarked in the Fairy on Wednesday, went up Southampton Water, landed the Prince of Wales, and having inspected Netley Hospital, returned to Osborne. The Prince of Wales arrived in London the same evening, en route for Holyrood.