16 JUNE 1838, Page 7

On Tuesday night, the farming premises and a considerable quantity

of hay belonging to the Reverend Dr. Moreland of Chilton, near Read- ing, were burnt down. The fire is said to be the work of an incendiary.

A Liverpool Policeman, William Ross, was wounded severely a fort- night since, in an attempt to put down an Irish riot : he died on Friday and seven men have been sent to prison on a charge of murdering him

Philip Partridge' commander of the Vigilant, a Liverpool vessel, has been remanded on a charge of murdering two of his crew on the homeward voyage from the African coast. One of his victims was a boy, the other the ship's cooper. When they were ill of a fever, the captain flogged them almost daily ; and they died on board. On Wednesday and Thursday last, the Magistrates of Newbury were engaged examining into the particulars of a most diabolical attempt to murder a girl about seven years old, by her unnatural mother and her husband. After the mother had kicked her for sonic distance into the house, they dashed her against the floor and ceiling of' the room ; and then, holding her under the pump, pumped upon her. Their names are Thomas and Mary Cruse, thirty and forty-one years of age, resid- ing upon Stroud Green. The poor child is not expected to survive the brutal treatment.—Berkshire Chronicle.

On Wednesday week, the excise-officers of the Oswestry district discovered a secret inalting.place at Maesbury. During their attend- ance on business at Mr. Francis's malthouses these lynx.eyed gentlemen made a discovery of a secret door, which was locked; they said nothing of the fact to any person about the premises but procuring a search- warrant, they proceeded on Wednesday to the spot, and broke open

the door ; where they found most ingeniously-contrived premises, in which the three processes of malting were then carrying on, about twenty strikes of malt being under work. Mr. Francis will be borne. diately proceeded against for the large penalties be has incurred.— Worcester Journal.