16 JUNE 1838, Page 7

The nomination for Maidstone was on Thursday. Mr. Fector and

Mr. Roberts were proposed. Mr. Fector was present, and addressed the assembly ; but Mr. Roberts did not appear. The show of hands, however, was in his favour; mid a poll was demanded for Mr. lector, which was to be held yesterday.

In no part of the kingdom is the ballot more needed than in Devizes. With it, were an election to take place to-morrow, two Reformers would be returned with the greatest ease ; without it, nothing but the most strenuous individual exertions, coupled with unflinching virtue, and aided by the closest union, will enable them to counteract the in- sidious influence of the neighbouring gentry, and the coarse and offensive intimidation of the farmers.—Wiltshire Independent.

The Hull Town-Council, at their meeting on Wednesday, unani- mously resolved to send an invitation to the British Assoviation for the Advancement of Science to hold their next or some subsequent meeting in the town of Hull.

Mr. Thornhill, who had the honour of employing as steward the notorious Richard Oastler, has dismissed him ; and Mr. Oastler wilt no longer date his letters from his employer's bou,e, " Fixby Hall."

The Church in Suffolk is again in a state of warfare with the Dis- senters. Ten seizures for Church-rates have been made within these few days at Bungay, in the houses of Mr. John Childs and other inha- bitants; although the legality of the rate is more than doubtful, owing to irregularity in the proceedings of the clergy and their agents. Should any resistance, however, be made, the recusants will be imme- diately put into the Ecclesiastical Court ; to which almost any thing is preferable. So the Churchmen go merrily onwards, collectitig tables, chairs, and curses from the people. Mr. Childs has sent a petition to Parliament, complaining of the hardship imposed on himself and others. But attention to the prayers of the people is not to be ex- pected from the " Reformed " House of Commons: there would have been almost a better prospect of' redress from the old Rotten Borough Parliament, under the guidance of a cunning Tory Minister.