16 JUNE 1866, Page 1

Mr. Kinglake made one of his best pro-Austrian speeches in,

the House of Commons on Monday night. He charged Lord Russell with having privately pressed on the Austrian Govern- ment the cession of Venetia, and gravely censm.ed the advice on. the ground that such counsel, however privately given, is always known, and this piece of advice when known would encourage Italy in her enterprise on Venetia. Mr. Kinglake professed— not very successfully—not to blame the Italians. But it was our duty, he maintained, to do all in our power to check them, as the only way of avoiding a great Continental war, and, moreover, pre- venting an increase of power to a mere vassal of France. He thought the German quarrel about the Duchies would not have caused war without the Italian complication, and that we had not done our duty in bridling Italy, as we should have done.