16 JUNE 1866, Page 1


THAT cannon shot has not been fired, but one can almost hear the rumbling of the tumbrils. Garibaldi, who never moves till action begins, has landed in Genoa and gone on to Como, whence he takes command of the volunteers, whose first work will be to intercept the Austrian communications. General Gablenz has quitted Holstein, avowedly yielding to compulsion, the Estates of the Duchy have been dispersed by force, and the Austrian Adla- tus has been arrested. The Emperor of Austria has informed a deputation of Viennese who had presented a loyal address, that be "had done everything iu his power to preserve peace, but now, amid the most arduous period I have experienced since my acces- sion to the throne, I resort to the sword, with confidence in God, my good right, my valiant army, and the co-operation of my faithful subjects." The Prussian Premier has informed the citizens of Berlin that the Austrian Government intend to levy a contribution of 75,000,000/. on Prussia, and a military corres- pondent of the Times has already reached Prussian head-quarters. Sealed packets have been distributed among the Austrian Governors of Provinces, containing, it is said, the Kaiser's pro- clamation of war, and the text of the Italian proclamation has already begun to ooze. Finally, Baron Ricasoli, who it is known refused to accept office unless the country were at war, has been appointed Premier, and the Emperor Napoleon has spoken out.