16 JUNE 1866, Page 1

The Reform debate of Monday was one long battle for

delay on the part of the Tories. Mr. Hunt moved that rating, and not rental, should be the basis of the 14/. county franchise, and after a short debate the obstructive policy of continually proposing ad- journments began. Twice the Government beat their opponents by majorities of 49 and 42, and then gave way. The debate was renewed on Thursday, and Mr. Hunt's motion finally rejected by the very narrow majority of 7 in a House of 553. Mr. Gladstone accepted an amendment of Mr. Banks Stanhope's striking out the clause which enacts that the 14/. county qualification must include a house of not less than 6/. annual value, and not be based wholly upon land, the Chancellor of the Exchequer only insisting on some provision against faggot votes. On the whole the net result of the Reform debates of the week has been infinitesimal, and the prospect of passing the Bill this session, always diminu- tive, is now invisible to the naked eye.