16 JUNE 1866, Page 16


(To THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR."] SIR,—In your excellent article in reference to the Bishop of Natars Hymn-Book, you notice the possible inference which hostile criticism might draw from Dr. Colenso's language as to his belief in the divinity of our Lord. Will you, then, allow me to call your readers' attention to the following passages from a sermon preached by the Bishop on the 26th of November, 1865, and lately published in London?—" In all the life of Jesus, His life of toil and suffering, sympathy with man's sorrow, endurance of man's sins, as well as in his death, of patient submission to his Father's will, of living trust in God, of tender pity and forgive- ness for those who nailed Him to the bloody cross, the Eternal Son was manifesting the Father to us, was revealing the Father's gracious character, was working out the Father's will." And again, in the next paragraph, speaking of human affections and sympathies, "They witness that the Living Word, the light and life of men, the Eternal Son of God, is dwelling among us. They unfold and illustrate the meaning of St. Paul, when he says that

Christ is in us, the hope of glory."—I am, Sir, E. S.