16 JUNE 1950, Page 19

Centenarian Subscribers

Snt,—The other day I had a letter from Mrs.-Hazell, of Leyton, who is now in her 104th year, sending me the contents of her missionary box, and telling me that she has supported the Church Missionary Society for ninety successive years, and she wondered whether she was our oldest supporter. I was sorry to have to disappoint her, because Miss Lunn, of Cheltenham, who celebrated her 104th birthday in March this year, signed a seven-year covenant with the Society two years ago on her 102nd birthday. A relative, informing me of this fact, says that Miss Lunn is in excellent health, and has every hope of fulfilling her covenant. I just wondered whether these two cases are a record, or whether, in order to ensure longevity, it is necessary to subscribe to the Church Missionary

Financial and Administrative Secretary, Church Missionary Society.

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