16 JUNE 1961, Page 15

Sia,---1 am a graduate teacher and have followed the controversy

between Mr. Brand and his opponents with interest but, alas, a good deal of impatience. The important question at the moment is surely the raising of the salaries and thereby the status of the whole teaching profession; yet Mr. Brand and his opponents waste time and energy in squabbling about the relative importance of grammar and modern schools and the justification or otherwise of differentials! It is difficult not to agree with Mr. Burgess that the responsibility for teachers' ridiculous salaries and the failure to raise them must rest with the present Government. Mr. Macmillan must himself bear the responsibility for the fact that in a 'never had it so good' society, the Government is apparently un- willing to take the most obvious step to educate properly future generations. Could it be that the Conservative Party still regards education for the people as a thing to be afraid of?—Yours 6ithfully,