16 MARCH 1833, Page 11

BIARYLEBONE ELECTION.—The nomination of candidates took place this day. About

twelve o'clock, Sir Peter Laurie, the returning officer, appeared on the hustings, which are erected in the open space at the top of Upper Portland Place. The crowd was very great, and appeared to be principally composed of the friends of Mr. Murphy, one of the candidates.

Mr. Vigors, member for Carlow, proposed Mr. Murphy ; who, he said, would vote for the repeal of the Septennial Act, the vote by Ballot, an efficient measure of Church Reform, and for making representation coextensive with taxation. Dr. Elmore seconded the nomination of Mr. Murphy. He hoped the electors would support him in preference to that nice little boy—Mr. Port- man's nominee—Mr. Murray.

Mr. Mills proposed Sir S. Whalley; who would not go far enough for the Radicals, though he went too far fur the Whigs. He thought that he was a much better man than either the Tory, Whig, or Destructive. This nomina- tion was seconded by Mr. Stevenson. Mr. Astell proposed and Sir W. Richardson seconded Mr. Hope ; but the crowd refused to hear a single word from either of them. Mr. F. Buxton proposed and Mr. Shaw seconded Mr. Murray, amidst much interruption.

Mr. Murphy then addressed the assembly at great length on the subject of his political principles, and was loudly cheered. Sir S. Whalley was not so favourably received; and Mr. Hope and Mr. Manners in vain attempted to ob- tain a hearing. Mr. Johnston, who had announced himself as a candidate, withdrew his pretensions. A show of hands was taken ; which Sir Peter Laurie declared to be in favour of Mr. Murphy. A considerable number of hands were also held up for Sir S. Whalley ; and about forty or fifty each for Mr. Murray and Mr. Hope. The election was declared to have fallen upon Mr. Murphy ; who returned thanks to the meeting for the honour conferred upon him. The three other candidates demanded a poll, which will be taken on Monday and Tuesday next.

Mr. Murray was accompanied to the hustings by Lords Cavendish, Milton, Ebrington, and Morpeth, Messrs. James Brougham, H. Ross, Callender, J. Pousonby, and other members of Parliament.