16 MARCH 1833, Page 11


STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY EVENING. day at 465. Russian and Danish Bonds are in request at rather better prices than last week. Brazilian Stock maintains its price, and closes at 62. Por- however, continue the favourites; the former has been as high as 90, but has slightly declined since, and closes at 891. Dutch Stock has advanced nearly potentiary will be as obstinate as his predecessor, if he has not already shown advance, and is now quoted 2061,, 2011. Exchequer Bills are firm.

descriptions of which are in very great demand. Dutch and Belgian Bonds, Account improved on Wednesday to ssi, and continued at that price till this afternoon, when a decline took place; and the closing price is 88i. We believe this alteration is to be attributed to the persuasion, that the new Dutch Pleni- himself so. India Stock has fallen hack nearly to the extent of its recent 1 per cent. on the closing price of la week ; having been at 47*, and doses to-

The Consol Market was brisk in the early part of the week. Consols for

The investments have been almost entirely confined to Foreign Stocks; all tuguese Bonds have been as low as 49, but have since rallied. The Re- gency Scrip was at 7 discount on.Tuesday, the day on which a " Morning Paper" stated that intelligence had been received of the total failure of the Constitutionalists at Oporto ; but as that disastrous information has not been confirmed, the Scrip has since rallied, and is now 6 dis. Till to-day Spanish Stock had not reached a higher price than it did at the close of last week's business—it has fluctuated considerably, having been as low as 184, and as high as 19} : some money purchases to-day have caused an improvement to 20, and it closes at 1931. It is generally believed that the present Spanish Ministry are engaged in some financial arrangements with a view to the liquidation of the Cortes Bonds, but nothing has transpired as to the mode in which this object is to be attained. SATURDAY, ONE O'CLOCK.

Consols are a shade higher to-day, and are SSII 4. Exchequer Bills are 47s. 48s. India Stock is 20712 ; and Bank Stock 198, both for the opening. In the Foreign Market, business is principally confined to Dutch Stock-, which has been at 474, but is now 465, 47. Spanish Stock is lower, viz. 194. We are still without positive information as to the course the Government intend to adopt in providing for the liquidation of the Cortes debt ; but the transac- tions of the last few days encourage the hope that some arrangement is about to be entered into.


Consols for Account close a shade lower than at one o'clock, viz. 38k. In the Foreign Market, Dutch Stock is rather higher, viz. 474 In the course of the afternoon, Brazilian Bonds have been at 641; but close at 63i 64. Spanish Stock is higher, and closes at IN I.