16 MARCH 1833, Page 11

NEW POLITICAL NOMENCLATURE.—Until the passing of the Catholic Bill, we

had only Tories, Whigs, Radicals, and a very few Rats. In place of creating Peers and Baronets, our Great Military Premier made an immense number of Rat Whigs and Rat Tories; and having once set the example, a num- ber of other genera have since been formed. The component parts of the Houses of Parliament at this moment are classed as follows, by a skilful naturalist- saltigs. Obstructive,.

Tories. Destructives.

Ultra Whigs. Reformers.

— Tories. Moderate Reformers.

—'furies. Rat Whigs. Anti-Reformers. Deformers.

Radicals. Conservatives. Demagogues.

Moderate Conservatives.