16 MARCH 1833, Page 11

THE NEW POLITICAL UNION.—The " golph" which has hitherto divided

the Ministerialists from the . " PEEL. and DAWSON crew," as the wicked Standard used to nickname the more discreet members of the Conservative party, is evidently beginning to close. Lord BitoucHAst is in the habit of pro- fessing great esteem for Sir ROBERT PEEL. Sir Roams, PEEL Speaks with much respect of the Government ; and invites avowed Ministerialists to his dinner-parties, where they are suprised and gratified to hear a tone of conversa- tion which accords extremely well with their own views. Mr. G. R. DAw- SON also does not scruple to confess an anxious desire that sensible men of both parties should form a union " for the good of the country " at the present time. These things are not said and done without weighty reasons.