16 MARCH 1833, Page 11

THE Two HOPES.—Some confusion has arisen in consequence of these

hope- ful Conservatives being mistaken for one another. The only resemblance is in their politics; and even there we find a nominal distinction,—one being an Ultra Tory; the other, in his own phrase, a Moderate Conservative, a new species of the genus. Mr. JOHN THOMAS HOPE, the Ultra Tory, is the son of Sir ALEXANDER HOPE; and is the fortunate youth who enjoyed, at Manchester, the powerful pecuniary support of the Viscountess HAMPDEN, the accomplished politician, of whose interesting biography we formerly gave a sketch. Mr. H. T. HOPE,biography "Moderate Conservative " and candidate for Maryle- bone, is son of the famous " Furniture Hope," by a lady almost equally cele- brated, whose second husband is the Viscount BERESFORD. The BERES- FORD interest is powerfully exerted in favour of the young man on the present occasion : Lord BERESFORD advertised a public breakfast this morning to such of the electors as would support his claims, and accompany him to the place of nomination.

The ladies, with their usual tact, avoid the confusion of persons to which we have alluded above, by an expressive sobriquet : they speak of the Ultra. Tory as "the Pleasures of Hope," and of the Moderate Conservative as " the Forlorn Hope."