16 MARCH 1833, Page 9

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The Corporation of Sudbury have for many yettfs.charged every per son who opened a shop in the borough thirty-six pounds fifteen shil- lings for the purchase of his freedom, and levied a fine of 8s, per week in default of payment. An ironmonger named John Purr has resisted this demand ; and the Corporation, after Trotting him and themselves to considerable law expenses, have been obliged to abandon their claim and pay heavy costs. The trial would have come on at the last assizes, if the Corporation had persisted in their demand.

William Farmer, the coachman of Mr. Harman of Northlleet, who shot his fellow-servant Sarah Parker in January Iasf (and was after- wards erroneously reported to have died of his self-inflicted wound), was indicted for wilful murder at the Maidstone Assizes yesterday.. He was found guilty of manslaughter only, and sentenced to twelve months' imprisonment.

A man named William Taylor has been committed to Lincoln Castle, on the charge of having, on Monday last, robbed mid mur- dered a man well known at Heckington near Boston, named William Durbanks. The prisoner has made a full confession of the crime.

There is no account of the Erin steamer since the 21st lust, on which day she was seen in great distress near Lundy Island. It is understood there were above thirty passengers on board, fifteen of whom embarked at this port. The latter were Lieutenant Ra..viings, brother of Mr. Rawlings' of his Majesty's Victualling-office ; Messrs. Smitwich, Cleverty, and Meanie, in the cabin ; Mrs. Dayney and tour children, Jones, Hodgen, Sergeants Whadburne, Tichburne, Child, and Kirk, in the steerage. The crew consisted of twenty-two, in all upwards of fifty individuals, the whole of whom are doubtless lost.— Deroaport Telegraph.