16 MARCH 1833, Page 9


Mr. Joseph Leonard, a Roman Catholic gentleman of property, was murdered on the 8th instant, near New Ross, in the county of Water- ford. He had lately distrained one of his tenants for rent, and was attacked by a party of Whitefeet on his road home from Waterford to Ross. The ruffians stoned him to death, cut off his ears, and their placed the body in his gig, which they left standing in the road.

The number of prisoners in the Tipperary calendar is 103; of whom 71 are charged with Whiteboy offences. In the county of Carlow, the number of prisoners is 114 ; of whom 36 are charged with murder, and 56 with Whiteboy offences of other descriptions. In Kilkenny, the calendar contains the names of 75 offenders ; but the offences committed since the last Assizes amount to 928. Baron Foster,. in his charge to the Grand Jury, remarks upon this, that even if the whole number in the calendar should be convicted, only one twelfth of the criminals will have been reached : there Inid been a struggle between the law and the Whitefeet, and the result would appear to be, that in Kilkenny the law had been laid prostrate.