16 MARCH 1833, Page 9

The Middlesex Grand Jury for Clerkenwell Sessions have found a

true bill against Mr. Baring Wall, for an indecent assault on a police- man. Mr. Wall -has availed himself of his right of traverse, to have his trial put of to the 25th of April next.

On Wednesday, a verdict of " wilful murder" was returned against three men, named Marshall, Evans, and Taylor, by a Coroner's Jury, which was summoned to inquire into the cause of the death of a boy named Robert Paviour, about thirteen years old, whose body was dis- covered in the Regent's Park Canal, with his-arms broken, his head mutilated, and other marks of violence upon his body. From the evi- dence given before the Jury, it appeared that the boy must have been seized at the door of his father's house, No. 26, John Street, Totten. ham Court Road, one evening about three weeks ago; and carried away to some place where he was most shamefully abused, and after- wards thrown into the canal to prevent his giving evidence as to the treatment he had received. The prisoners, it is said, were well known to him. The evidence more directly implicated Marshall than either of the other prisoners. He pretended that he could restore the boy to his parents, and intimated first that he had been sold to a rich gentleman in the City, and afterwards that he had seen him at St. Catherine's Docks, about to sail to America. The other prisoners were companions of Marshall, and men of indifferent character.

On Sunday morning, about half-past twelve o'clock, an alarm of fire was given at St. Margaret's Church, Westminster, and the congrega- tion instantly hurried out. It was shortly discovered that one of the ; pipes near the stove had become so hot as to. set the panels a-burning. I By the exertions of a number of persons present, the fire was extin- guished without any material injury being done to the edifice.