16 MARCH 1872, Page 2

The shareholders of the Erie Railway have regained control of

their property. Deprived of his colleague Fisk, Jay Gould could not keep his control of the concern, and on Monday the agents of the shareholders succeeded in coming to a compromise. Jay Gould and three other Directors remain ; but General Dix has been appointed President, and General M'Clellan Superin- tendent, and honest men fill a majority of seats in the direc- tion. The New York Legislature has also repealed the the " Classification Act," an Act passed to give the Ring a per- petual majority, but it has added a rider that no Director of the Atlantic and North-Western Railway shall be a Director of the Erie. That may mean that the Legislature dislikes monopolies, but may also mean that it is enraged at the defeat of its old friends, and determined that the victors shall have as little benefit as possible. Of course the old plundering is condoned, Fisk, according to American papers, having died comparatively poor.