16 MARCH 1878, Page 24

The Inns of Court Calendar. By Charles Shaw. (Butterworths.) —This

is the "second annual publication" of a useful work, which, we are glad to find from the preface, has met with a favourable reception. To this edition has been added a brief account of the Inns of Court and of the Temple Church, with other matters which make the book more complete.— The Local Government Directory, Almanac, and Guide for the Year 1878 (Knight and Co.) has reached its "thirty-seventh year" of publication. Here we have, after a Calendar, dm., an account of the "Local Government Legislation "of the last session, a very few pages sufficing for the purpose. An account of " Imperial Expenditure for Local Purposes" gives a total of .E714,986 for England, and sums for Ireland and Scotland make up the total account to a million. Then follow in succession a list of Poor-Law Unions, with their officers, Reformatory Schools, Urban and Rural Sanitary Authorities, School Boards, and Burial Boards.—We have also to mention The Calendar of the University College of Wales, Sixth Session, 1877-8. (J. E. Cornish, Manchester.)